With a fleet of fourteen trucks Westar has the capability to haul biomass, forestry products, aggregate materials and equipment.


  • Biomass

    Biomass is organic material such as wood chips, bark, or agricultural residues.  It is a renewable and sustainable source of potential energy that can be used to create power and other bio products. Westar currently transport... more

  • Logging

    Logging in a broad perspective is the cutting, skidding, processing, loading and hauling of logs.  Westar currently loads and transports logs from numerous locations across western Canada.  The configurations Westar uses for ... more

  • Aggregate

    Aggregate is natural geological minerals that occur in many forms.  Westar has the capability to transport aggregate types such as granular, rock, sand and soil products.  The configurations Westar uses for the transport of a... more

  • Heavy Hauling

    Request a quote by emailing Include what needs to be transported, the origin, destination, and requested date for delivery.   more